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NYU School of Professional Studies Building

July, 2022

VISION 2025 is our roadmap for how we will educate the workforce of today and tomorrow. Undergirded by a commitment to innovation, inclusion, diversity, belonging, equity, and access, VISION 2025 outlines our dynamic approach to shaping the future of work, lifelong learning, and the learner experience.

Since we first launched this site, we have had over 1,000 visits, and received ideas and feedback from faculty and staff across our academic and administrative units. We have used these comments to fuel our strategic planning conversations as we continue to refine and execute our priorities and grow our desired culture. To learn more about this work, view the recent State of the School slide deck.

I encourage you to share your ideas and feedback through this site to enable us to achieve our shared goals and help pose (and answer) the important questions. 

I continue to look forward to your contributions as we work to finalize and implement our strategic plan.


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Angie Kamath


Harvey J. Stedman Dean of the School of Professional Studies
New York University

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